Høstens lydspor: Lianne La Havas

I tip-toe, too slow, out of the door to your house.

I know, you know, that this way leads me out.

Outside, too bright, you’re within, I’m without.

We all make mistakes, we do.

I learn from you.





Underground, underground,

with the friends I’ve found, friends I’ve found.





You broke me,

and taught me,

to truly hate myself.

Unfold me,

and teach me,

how to be like somebody else.





What the heck, man.

Last time I checked, man,

we had it all, it was just me and you.

So, what happened to you?

Love is not blind, it’s just deaf and dumb.



And you’ve resisted me consistently so I thank you for your contribution

Please resist me

Colonise me, compromise me and conflict me

Please don’t risk me

If you see me at the airport please come and frisk me

Please resist me

Colonise me, compromise me and conflict me

Please don’t risk me

Please call me stupid

Because your resistance brings my evolution

Please resist me

Call me a wog

It’s brought us so close together I could call me a squad

Please resist me,

Lock me in solitary confinement

I’ll close my eyes and admire the quality of the silence

I’ll write rhymes in my mind honestly and define them,

Solidly redefine and memorise them,

Until like a diamond when I come out I’ll be better than when I arrived in

Please resist me

Arrest me, torture me for answers

Look at Barack Obama, it all started with Black Panthers

Please resist me,

Keep me under the thumb

Keep me down trodden keep me under the gun

Keep me working harder under thunder and sun

Son – haven’t you heard?

I’m becoming a gun

Please resist me

Because resistance brings evolution

And you’ve resisted me consistently so I thank you for your contribution

I’m a happy man your stupidity has made me strong

I’ve developed wings, a thick skin and this here opposable thumb

It holds my pen which loads my explodable tongue

So without loading a gun I’m killing high quotas of unemotional cunts/punks

Sorry – you also taught me to speak French

I learnt it when you kept keeping me at arms-length

And then I learnt Italian just to expand my head

And Greek to learn from where my ancestors had fled

And then I learnt some Yanyuwa to show the people of THIS land respect

You see it’s been your example that has led me to leave you for dead

So don’t trust me

I’m risky

Insurmountable, unaccountable

I’m an undeniable, unreliable, maniacal liability

I fire soliloquies and my liturgies literally leave a literary litany

When I was little

They told me I was

Illegitimate, illiterate and limited

Little did they know that in a minute I’d be killing it

I’m vivid like in cinemas so my synonym is vividness

I stick it like I’m cinnamon and kill it like a militant

I live it like a citizen – you live a life like imprisonment

Besides Indigenous, immigrant might be the most legitimate of citizens

So it’s better to live a life like us.

Isn’t it?

Nils Frahm og Alexander Lange Kielland


Når sneen faller efter storm – tett, tung og nøyaktig – utfyller fordypninger, jevner spisser og skarpe kanter, da er det underlig å tenke seg at dette er det samme vann som kan risle og hoppe, skumme som røk i fossen og finne vei med modige strømbølger ut i det frie blå hav.

Og der ute – når sommersolen langsomt og sent skjules bak de siste skinnende striper ytterst i vest, hvor havets sporfrie vei krummer seg jorden rundt, der sanser du ikke lett at de friske gullkantede bølger, hvor fisken leker og livet gror, at dette er det samme vann som kan ligge og trykke hustakene som tung død sne, bøye trær og grener og stenge veiene fra mann til mann.