«I wanna recite a love-letter unrehearsed, freestyle like the jazz improvized.»

An ode to the lovers, those who still write letters.

I’m not mad at the technological advances of the human race. Being able to fly through the air to anywhere on planet earth and communicate instantly with people in distant lands is the stuff of our ancestors fairytales.

Yet in the hyper-paced, high-tech urban landscape it’s easy to become alienated from, not only nature, but ourselves as well. ‘Modern Communication’ bemoans the fact that many of our relationships with loved ones have become increasingly cyber-relationships. As dope as technology is at keeping us connected with distant friends, it can never substitute for the extra-sensory experience of sharing human presence. Touch, breathe, skin texture, eye contact, heart beat, vibration, warmth are just a few vital elements of human interaction that don’t cross the technological divide.

We have 4,0000 Facebook «friends» and don’t know the name of most of the people who live in our buildings. We have 140 character conversations. We can’t have a conversation at dinner or sit alone and meditate or read a book without instinctually checking our beeping machines. So here is song about intimacy and love in the 21st century matrix. So take the red pill. Unplug. And get high off the un-drug.

Baraka Blue