Jamaal Versiz: Behind the Asylum

behind the asylum

are handfuls of confused hair
in a dust mop
with a broken handle,

gauze still wet
from the business of the day:
the outburst, the mishap
in the common area,
vomit-pink stains
from an attempted escape,
a break from the wrists.

mildewed boxes hold
decks of playing cards
cut into fours,
one card at a time,
reassembled with tape.

there are letters.

this one:
To a crane,
I’ve got something you want.
this one:
To fingernails,
Come home soon.
this one:
To a trucker still in route,
Hope this never finds you. When you asked
what I did yesterday, I said I slammed
my head in a van door until I passed out
in the driveway, bleeding from the ears,
because I wanted you to leave me alone.


3 kommentarer om “Jamaal Versiz: Behind the Asylum

  1. wow. han er mer enn sterk… han er virkelig. jeg har ikke ord. tusen takk for at du introduserte meg til ham.

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